Quick Pages + "Gonzo Mutoid" Progress

In case I haven't said it enough: thank you for everyone who has downloaded, shared, and even purchased (!) Drive·10.  I'm really glad to hear folks are inspired by it (and some are already working on using it!)

As I mentioned in the community post -- I plan on supporting D·10 over time with Quick Sheets. The idea is to run with the modular page setup of D·10 and to provide quick primers for settings or genres.

The first one I'm working on is dear to me: Gonzo Mutoid Wasteland Crust Punks. 

It was a minimalist RPG title I had previously written as a love letter to games like Gamma World, TMNT & Other Strangeness, RIFTS and other over-the-top settings. I wanted to capture the fun of nutty randomized characters, crazy powers and absurd adventures with a rules set that wasn't complicated, broken or bogged-down with bloat. As a matter of fact, Drive·10 came into existence because I wanted to run GMWCP with it!

The good news is most of the stuff is written -- I just need to lay it out, then have some peeps give it a couple runs with their eyeballs. The unfortunate thing is I have no exact date other than "maybe in a week, two tops". I myself (R.E. Davis) am a full time father and my wife has had some health complications so my time for work has been, well, scattered. But still I wanted to talk about this today and give some glimpses of what to expect.

First off -- here's an updated screenshot of the character creation tables. 

And here's a sampling of how the Species are laid out.  These are provided for inspiration -- with variant descriptor titles, as well as potential names and ideas for tags a character may take based on their species. 

Feel free to give feedback or ask questions in the comments, in our community section, or anywhere you stalk me online.

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