What's Changed in 1.1?

I'm happy to officially be kicking off our move to the Itch platform with the release of Drive·10 -- specifically Revision 1.1

Folks who've been following the project on our website or social media may be curious what the new revision brings. I'm hoping to lay it out swiftly and concisely in this post! Let's dive in:

  • Attributes may now go as high as +6.
  • Starting Vocation  is now a flat +2. Secondary Vocations earned later on are +1.
  • These changes were made to fall in line more with how our other CarPG based  games operate, including our upcoming Fortune's Turn.
  • To offset vocational advancement, there's now a third type of Tag: Boosts.
  • Boosts add a +1 bonus to a specific task. These can represent specialized background or skill training, or could also represent special tools to aid a task. 
  • Proficiency is now revised to be the total bonuses gained from an Attribute, Vocation, Tag or Equipment.  You're allowed one of each type to a task. 
  • The hard limit of +8 to a roll has been lifted. 
  • Adjusted Damage & Armor ratings 
  • Editorial clean up pass

Pricing & Presentation

The game text of Drive·10 will remain free. Anyone can download the single column, no-frills version of the core game.

Choosing to support us by paying $2 or more will get you the revised "fancy" version, laid out in the three column spread with the intent of being a modular set of rules you keep in a binder or notebook. Matter of fact, the paid for PDF comes with an extra page -- Combat Expanded -- which includes some optional rules and guidelines for cover, shields, rapid fire weapons, and a variant armor system. 

All money earned from Drive·10 goes back into The ChaosGrenade. 

We have several big projects that are blooming into fruition, and others that we're eager to explore in the future. We would love to be able to finance original artwork for these games.

Thank you folks for your continued interest in the stuff we're cranking out! Remember to follow us on social media or keep up at our website.

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