DRIVE·10 is Now Completely Free for 2019!

Hey folks! Wanted to talk about the recent decision to make DRIVE·10 completely free for the rest of the year.

When I write games, I want them to be seen and to be played. Especially with my small-form frameworks, like Drive·10. This was my first time I've put any kind of a price tag on my work. I'm thankful for the positive feedback and the generous support of folks who've pitched in to the project.  Your contributions have offset the cost of artwork and software we've adopted that will help us crank out more awesome stuff for your table!

I've also recently had a major opportunity fall in my lap -- I'm currently getting the ball rolling on my first professional game under a high end publisher. That's all I can say at the moment, but know that I am GRATEFUL for everyone who has shared my work and helped get my name out. I was discovered completely by someone going down a rabbit hole of recommendations, and was taken completely by surprise by their offer.

So, yeah -- if you haven't yet, please take these rules and do something awesome. If you dig it, follow me here (or Twitter or my website).  Maybe leave some kind words, or spread the news?

PS -- If you've paid for Drive·10, I would love to continue thanking you by offering a front row seat to our next projects. Get in touch with me here or via email (redavis101 AT outlook DOT com) , and I'll keep you in the loop!

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