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An entry for the Goon Jam

SHROOM GOONS is about little shroomfolk on big adventures!
All you need to play is this booklet, a couple six-sided dice, your friends and IMAGINATION!

  • Arm yourself with a sewing needle sword, a button shield, and ready your matchstick torch!
  • Shroom Goons have unique traits: do you have a Witch Butter body? Devil Fingers? Shoot hallucinogenic spores? 
  • Whether you're fighting Smorks in the Fluorescent Neverglades, evading the giants of Suburbia, or engaging the faeries of K'Arkadia there's countless adventures to be had!

Artwork by SkullFungus!

Based on Tunnel Goons by Nate Treme!


  • Slightly modified Difficulty Scores
  • Minor revisions/clarifications
  • Added a Referee Advice section with alternate ways to handle encounters and challenges


  • My dumb ass accidentally deleted the line that tells you how many traits you select at character creation. (It was 1). Sorry that it took 19 months to fix that. 

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorChaosGrenade Games
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
TagsFantasy, goon-jam, mushrooms, shrooms, Tabletop


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Wonderful Tunnel Goons variant. Very playable. Highly recommended. 


I have been looking for a simple rpg to get my 5yr old son into the hobby. I think Tunnel Goons might be the system for it. Your Shroom Goons is awesome, and my son loves Legend of Zelda right now, I might use your rules but instead of shroom goons, I think I'll tell my kid that he is playing an adventurous  korok.